Foreign Language

Knowing a foreign language is an essential skill in our rapidly changing world. Exposure to different languages enables us to look at the world in different ways and learn how to get along during increasingly difficult times.
In addition to developing an international perspective, language studies at The Kipling School will help your child increase listening ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking - all of which increase learning in general.
The first goal of our program is to create an environment that makes learning a language fun. Young children can learn, absorb, and retain languages easier than adults. At Kipling, our goal is to introduce your child to languages from around the world. Spanish lessons begin in our toddler rooms and become a part of each classroom’s instruction. French is taught to our Pre-K students and up. Chinese phrases are introduced and used for social programs. Your child will learn to communicate in foreign languages through simple foreign phrases and vocabulary.

Physical Education

The Kipling School Physical Education Program is designed to build strong bodies and a lifelong understanding of the relationship of physical activity and good health. Movement, fitness, and games form the center of our program. Teaching your child skills needed for many activities, such as kicking and throwing and catching balls, foster the physical abilities he or she will need to participate in many games that will be played.
Understanding how and why the body moves by introducing various stretching and strength-building movements to a full fitness program will help develop skills for life. Physical education also helps your child accept challenges and promote good sportsmanship.
A positive attitude about healthy living, physical movement, and sports is the outcome of our physical education program.